I injured my ankle 19 months ago and had an uncommon “sinus tarsi syndrome”. I had seen several orthopedic doctors and tried all sorts of treatments (including other physical therapy, cortisone injections, stabilizing boots, orthotics) to no avail. I was planning on having surgery but decided to try acupuncture as a last hope. Mary spent a lot of time feeling all around my ankle and trying to figure out exactly what was going on (nobody else did this to nearly the same extent). She really wanted to help me and was determined to solve the “puzzle”. She used a combination of several treatments and patiently felt around my ankle until she found a couple of spots that were not moving quite as well as they should and voila I am finally able to begin running again after 19 months!  M.L.

After years of feeling horrible after eating wheat – even soy sauce. I decided to stop eating wheat completely so I would not feel achy and tired and headachy so much. Then I found out that among other things Mary is trained in a style of acupuncture that deals with clearing allergies. After just one clearing with wheat, I can now eat wheat whenever I want with NO ill effects!! My life is so different now – no more asking about everything before I eat it, and being able to share pizza or baked goods with friends is wonderful! Thank you so much Mary! If you have allergies that are limiting your life – I would highly recommend working with this knowledgeable and kind acupuncturist!  B.A.

I’ve struggled with neck and shoulder pain for years. Mary has a patient and thorough approach. She has years of experience and is willing to try new things. I’m seeing improvement for the first time in years. Thanks Mary!  E.C.

Mary Cook is a gifted healer. Recently, Mary used acupuncture to drastically improve the severe symptoms I suffer during the allergy season. Not only can I can breathe indoors without complication, I am optimistic that she will continue to help my body overcome excessive exposure to outside allergens as well. A year ago, Mary patiently worked with me as I tried to avoid surgery related to a sports hernia. The physical therapy and acupuncture treatments were a resounding success. At the end of my therapy, my doctor determined that surgery was no longer necessary. Mary is extremely knowledgeable of the human body, and I trust her judgment when discussing options. I highly recommend a consultation with Mary before agreeing to surgery or taking strong pharmaceuticals for allergies. There are options, and Mary has the ability to educate and help in making such difficult life choices. When seeking the care of a true healer, no professional can compare to Mary Cook.  T.V.

After pulling something in my back, Mary noticed I was hobbling home from my morning walk with the dog. A sidewalk assessment led to my first ever acpuncture treatment. Within 24 hours, the pain had subsided and I was able to get back to my life! I’m a convert! Knowledgeable,Intuitive AND a great neighbor. Thanks Mary.  P.B.

Mary Cook started out as my physical therapist four years ago. I had broken my foot and had severe back pain from the break. Mary helped me eliminate that pain within three months. Since then, I’ve been seeing Mary for combined physical therapy and acupuncture treatments for my arthritis, fatigue, menopausal issues, stress and to help me stop smoking. Mary is patient and honest with me, and is able to make accurate assessments of my condition and develop appropriate treatments for me. She is there with me for support and considers me as a whole person, not just as a collection of my symptoms. She is the utmost professional, optimistic and realistic about setting treatment goals and measuring our successes together. I highly recommend Mary for anyone who is looking for serious solutions for their medical problems and not just another doctor.  J.C.

I am so excited and relieved to find Wellpoint Physical Therapy. After (18) months of pain pills, cortisone shots, and many other types of therapies Mary’s treatment of acupuncture, physical therapy and muscle relaxation therapies are providing wonderful relief. After only a few sessions I am much better. I am taking only a fraction of the pain meds that were formerly an everyday routine and I’m getting better every week. Mary is professional and so pleasant and enjoyable to work with.  - L.M.

I just recently made Wellpoint part of my weekly routine. It is the perfect solution to my lower back pain, neck pain and stress reduction. I feel healthier, more productive and am finally getting a good nights sleep. Thanks to Mary for her expertise and quick results – I feel ten years younger!!! The facility is spacious, inviting and spotless. It’s great to steal some time away from the rat race and be renewed. Thank you Wellpoint.  - M.B.

I called Mary when I was in severe pain from shoulder and neck tension. This problem would arise every couple of months from stress. She worked me into her schedule immediately, and after one acupuncture treatment, my pain was gone. Not only did Mary relieve my pain, but my neck/shoulder tension problem is almost gone altogether. I also had Mary perform an acupuncture treatment on me for general stress relief. It was better than a massage—absolutely amazing! Thanks so much Mary!  - T.L.

Thank you Mary Cook! After suffering with debilitating neck pain for years, my doctor referred me to Mary for acupuncture and physical therapy. Acupuncture succeeded where the pain clinic and chiropractic failed. I am PAIN FREE for the first time in years!  - K.Y.

Mary Cook has treated me for everything from headaches to skin irritations as well as low back pain and relief from cold and flu symptoms. I am a huge sissy when it comes to needles and I am a huge believer in acupuncture. The results are amazing.  - D.V.

Mary Cook is an excellent physical therapist and acupuncturist. My chronic neck and shoulder pain is gone. I had also developed wrist problems from my job and the numbness and pain are gone after her treatments. Mary has shown me ways to continue improving. Her office is beautiful and convenient. She really listens and pays attention. I have recommended her to friends who have also had good experiences.  - P.T.

I have chronic sinus problems – I had acupuncture for my sinuses & it got rid of my headaches! I think it helps limit my sinus infections too. I’m also a runner and went in for PT after I’d been side lined for almost a year — Mary Cook fixed it pronto! Amazing. Would definitely recommend! PT or acupuncture!  - L.F.

As a cancer survivor, I was looking to alternative ways to keep my body healthy and help prevent the cancer from returning. I started receiving acupuncture from Mary Cook on several occasions and each time, she has worked wonders. She is extremely professional and takes the time to understand my needs as a patient. I would highly recommend Mary, and would never consider going anywhere else. I cannot praise her enough.  - S.C.