Physical Therapy

The primary goals of physical therapy are to achieve a more pain free state and to reach the highest functional level possible.  At Wellpoint, we help our patients progress towards these goals in one-on-one sessions using various manual therapy techniques, exercise, and education.  We believe that the body can heal itself, and that we are facilitating this ability by releasing the bodies most restricted areas.  By releasing these dominate restrictions, the body has more freedom, can more easily take care of lesser restrictions and realign with these changes in it’s natural healing processes.  Most of the manual techniques are very light in nature, can be highly effective, and often we may not even work in the area of greatest pain or dysfunction.  These are some of the manual techniques we use with a few of the possible symptoms treated:

Craniosacral – light manual therapy incorporated with the craniosacral rhythm – headache, back and neck pain, stress, vertigo

Positional Release Therapy – using body position to decrease muscle spasms – joint pain, back and neck pain, plantar fasciitis

Lymphatic Drainage – using light directional movements to enhance the bodies lymphatic flow – swelling, acute trauma, post surgical healing

Visceral Manipulation – releasing restrictions in the body via the viscera and attachments – back and neck pain, abdominal/GI problems, insomnia

Muscle Energy Technique – using the body position with muscle contractions to mobilize joints – back and neck pain, joint pain, limited ROM

Mechanical Link – releasing restrictions in the body with a quick nervous system overload – back and neck pain, joint pain, digestive problems

Neural Manipulation – releasing restrictions within and around nerve tissue – sciatica, back and neck pain, CTS, headache, tingling